Hello world!

Hello everyone, and by everyone I’m sure there is only a small handful of you reading this, and that handful can be counted on one hand….any how i decided to start this blog about rants and raves because i don’t feel that people are out there expressing themselves as much as they could be. Take me for instance, i used to be quite and subtle about things that irked me but now, well i’m very open and honest and opinionated. And these are my opinions, not facts, just what i believe and perhaps you’ll believe them as well. oR maybe you won’t, but that’s what makes the world go round. Hope you enjoy and follow.
Happy blogging!


About Super Swoop

Some times you just want to rant and rave about stuff. And sometimes you want to read about someone eles's rants and raves. That is what i am here for. I'll be testing products, watching movies, tv shows, eating foods, playing games, and probably trolling for the purpose of letting people know what is wrong with things or what is awesome.
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